Custom Data Stream Implementations

The streams framework already provides a couple of generic stream implementations. All of these implement the interface.

Custom data streams (as well as MultiStreams) can easily be added by re-using the AbstractDataStream class or directly implements the DataStream interface.

The DataStream interface

The DataStream interface mainly provides a single method readNext(Data) to read the next data item from some underlying data source. DataStream imlementations are required to provide a constructor for a URL object or an InputStream object to read from.

In addition the interface requires implemenations to provide an init() and a close() method for opening the underlying stream and thoroughly closing it upon process completion.

Even more Data: MultiStream

Whereas the DataStream represents a single stream of data, the MultiStream class extends this to a possible set of different sub-streams.

The class AbstractMultiStream provides an elementary implementation of a MultiStream that only requires for the readNext(Data,Map) method to be implemented:

   public Data readNext( Data item, Map<String,DataStream> substreams ) {
       // implement your multi-stream logic and fill the data item
       return item;