The streams library is available as Maven dependency in the global Apache software repository. Please refer to the Maven artifact page for details.

In addition, the stream-runner is provided, which is a self-contained executable Java archive that includes the basic streams API and the runtime classes. In addition it provides the streams-plotter package, which allows for live plots of data.

This stream-runner can be used to start stream processes right away:

   # java -jar stream-runner-0.9.11.jar experiment-file.xml

The stream-runner can be downloaded from

stream-runner, Version 0.9.11
6.1 MB, MD5 checksum: 741c340f7e3afdfee54c8dcf4da0c884


For ease of use we provide a Debian installer package. This package requires a moderate Java Runtime environment to be installed (openjdk, Sun Java) of at least version 6 or later.

The package is available at:

streams-0.9.11-2_all.deb, Version 0.9.11-2
5.4 MB, MD5 checksum: 7089cebc0313bc6f872bed29cd46c5d6

To install the package simply use the dpkg packet management of your Debian/Ubuntu system:

   # sudo dpkg -i streams-0.9.11-2_all.deb

This will install the complete runtime files onto your system and provides a convenient command to run stream processes:

   # your-process.xml

To extend your stream processes with custom classes, simply place all your additional Jar files into /opt/streams/lib/.